Initial Meeting – 21st May 2015

Initial Meeting – 21st May 2015

25th June 2018 Minutes 2015 0

Present: Barry Hampson, David Baxter, Sue Hughes, Gladys Jameson, Nick Clarke, Jennie Carubia


Matters Arising

  • Jennie and Nick from Wigan Council discussed the process of the Public Consultation and next steps if designated. The Public Consultation is held until 25th June 2015
  • David and Barry provided a background as to why Abram Ward Community Cooperative is looking to develop the Neighbourhood Forum
  • Nick stated that Standish Voice would be happy to share knowledge on their experiences so far
  • The idea of setting up different sub working groups was discussed. David was concerned that all the work on developing the Neighbourhood Plan would fall on the same people to develop.  Sub groups could include: Sports, Conservation, Health, Housing, Public amenities, Retail, Job opportunities, Footpaths and Highways, Woodlands (the idea of using woodland to use the fire wood and create social value was discussed).  It was agreed that it would be needed for at least one person to represent each working group
  • Maybe involve the Friends of Low Hall and Friends of Amberswood groups
  • David stated more young people were needed to join and need to ensure they feel they have a voice on the committee
  • David discussed the 3 upcoming Community Events to publicise the Forum. David to invite Nick and Jennie to one of the events.  It was suggest that Survey’s could be developed for the sessions with bullet points stating the aims and asking “what work would be most important to you”
  • Jennie stated that a few minor amendments needed to be made to the information that has been added onto the AWCC website on the Forum. David to email Nathanael to address the changes
  • The name of the Forum was discussed. David stated there were issues with some people still not knowing the boundaries of Abram Ward and confusing Abram Ward as meaning Abram village.  The idea was suggested of maybe renaming as ‘Five Villages’ etc.  It was suggested a Name competition could be held as part of Platt Bridge Gala Day.
  • The Forum stated they would be holding a stall at Platt Bridge Gala Day to discuss the plans
  • Jennie suggested developing a website especially just for the Forum

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