Monday 8th February 2016 at Platt Bridge Community Zone

Monday 8th February 2016 at Platt Bridge Community Zone

25th June 2018 Minutes 2016 0


David Baxter, Tracey Williams, Ricky Parkinson, Carl Bridden, Andrew Meadows, John Ball


Agenda Items

1 – Introductions

  • Ricky Parkinson, Chair of the Forum, welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • David stated that no feedback as yet had been received from AECOM on their Technical Support, based on their visit to Decembers meeting


2- Strategic Meetings

  • David updated on the Strategy Planning group that met on the 1st This group will be working to develop the Plan and put together all the ideas raised at the monthly ACT meetings
  • The Strategic group had met as it was felt that the Vision and Objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan were still not agreed and were unclear. People locally could not get involved if they didn’t know what the Neighbourhood Plan aims to achieve.


3 – Working Groups

  • One of the Working groups will be around Community Assets. ACT need to look at:
    • What Hubs we have
    • What we want to Keep
  • Need to look at Open Spaces. Potential projects similar to Incredible edibles in Todmorden.  Allotments projects are currently being developed within the grounds of Holy Family School
  • Housing Stock – what are needed and what facilities are needed



4 – Consultation Session Planning / Surveys

  • Tracey to meet with residents groups from Abram and Bickershaw and will discuss the Neighbourhood Plan Vision’s and objectives with them, and invite to future meetings
  • Need to have the ACT Consultation survey online for all to access and submit


5 – Marketing

  • Need to use Social Media to maximise the knowledge of the Neighbourhood Plan to the community
  • Agreed to purchase Roller Banners and situate these in Community Hubs across Abram Ward
  • A discussion was led on whether to advertise on Notice Boards across Abram Ward / Church magazines and Labour Party outlets
  • Sponsorship opportunities were discussed and the promotion of ACT on Roundabouts across Abram Ward


6 – Website updates

  • Need photos of local landmarks to go onto the website



7 – Any Other Business

  • David discussed a Youth Project planned by Lisa Russon in relation to allotments and young people from Ashton



Date of next meeting:  14th March 2016 at 6.30pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone

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