Thursday 15th October 2015 at Platt Bridge Community Zone

Thursday 15th October 2015 at Platt Bridge Community Zone

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David Baxter, Carl Bridden, Cllr Martyn Smethurst, Tom Hickson , Josie Maguire , Gabriel Mottram, Jonathon Curley, Cllr Eunice Smethurst, Denise McCarthy, Barry Hampson, Alan Darbyshire, David Moore, Dane Anderton, Judith Smith, Sarah Owen, Marie Philpott, Andrew Crompton, Ricky Parkinson, PCSO Carl Davies, PCSO Donna Longhurst

Agenda Items

1 – Introductions

  • Barry Hampson, Chair of the Forum, welcomed everyone to the meeting. All attendees introduced themselves to the group

2 – Working Groups

  • David discussed the aims of the working groups.
  • Four working groups were agreed – to initially be set up. These were
  1. ASB/Youth
  2. Environment/Conservation
  3. Buildings/Housing
  4. Transport/Highways


Judith agreed to start on the environment group, with Marie agreeing to start on buildings

3 – Funding Received/Technical Support

  • Funding of £2500 received for web design, costs towards marketing and towards the planning of the consultation sessions in the New Year.
  • Also offered free support from AECOM. This is technical support and they will be attending December’s meeting. We will need firm ideas by them of what we want from the plan

4 – Wigan Council’s Allocation and Development Local Plan

  • Discussed plans and workshop at Platt Bridge Community Zone on 19/11/15
  • David raised the link to the plans on the Council’s website. In the plan’s Josie asked about the future plans for Lunedale in Platt Bridge.

5 – Website updates/Notice Boards/Promoting the Forum

  • Jonathon updated the meeting regarding the website and David stated that Julie had put signs on notice boards across Abram and the neighbourhood forum project

6 – Consultation Session Planning

  • Discussed potential venues for consultation sessions. These included Abram Community Centre, Platt Bridge Community Centre. Ideally would like two in each village. It was agreed to commence these in the New Year.
  • The group agreed to undertake a Consultation survey to lead into the Consultation sessions. Eunice, Gladys, Jonathan and David to meet to design a survey leaflet, with the idea of having a cash prize so people return the forms.  The prize will be drawn at the Platt Bridge Christmas Event on the 28th November at Platt Bridge Children’s Centre.  The survey will ask community members what it is they would like to see within the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • David to look to commence running Minecraft session’s (a digital application that children use to create building’s etc.) and run throughout all the Schools in the ward. David to look to commence at Platt Bridge Community School, but will contact each of the schools in the Ward.  It is hoped this will interact children and parents on Neighbourhood Planning.
  • Denise to speak to schools and the key stage 4 coordinator to look to involve local children within Secondary schools.


7 – Logo and Name for the Forum

  • Logo – It was suggested that the local schools be asked to design the logo

8 – Any Other Business

  • David discussed the Abram Ward Community Cooperative’s Our Places project they are working on to develop a Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise network for Abram Ward
  • David discussed how Abram Ward Community Cooperative is now a Registered Charity and will be looking to developing a Charitable Trust arm that provides funding to local groups in Abram Ward



Date and Time of Next Meeting: Monday 9th November 2015 at 6.30pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone


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