Abram Communities Together – ACT meeting 13th March 2017

Abram Communities Together – ACT meeting 13th March 2017

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Present: Dave Baxter, Dane Anderton, Ricky Parkinson, Cllr Eunice Smethurst, Andrew Crompton, Genette Smith, Jackie Lowe, Peter Smith, Mark Halliwell, Marie Robinson


AGM held at the start of the meeting with following appointments made:

Chair                                                            Dane

Vice Chair                                                     Jen

Secretary                                                     Dave/Denise (minutes)

Environment, Health and Wellbeing                   Andrew

Housing and Planning                                       Jen


Agreed that future meetings will be from 7.00 – 8.30.

  1. All notes from previous meetings were provided and sent via email, various points were discussed:
  • Sub groups to bring together information and publish on the website.
  • The five villages known as Abram Ward to be clearly defined, more visable and appear at the start of the document.
  • All asked to make any comments, additions or amendments in a different colour, for clarity and returned to Dave.
  • Consultations, some completed and after May door to door consultation to take place.
  • Neighbourhood Plan is a LAND USE DOCUMENT.
  • The original 6 objectives were encompassed in just 3.
  • The vision/mission statement needs to be clear and link in with Wigan’s core strategy.
  • It was suggested that the community buy land for neighbourhood use such as allotments.
  • Nick Clark will advise on policy.
  1. Dave Baxter fed back re Power to Change:
  • One of 20 projects chosen to attend conference in Liverpool and now through to last 14, with chance of being selected as one of 9 who have a chance to share £1M worth of funding over 5 years.
  • Dave to have presentation ready for 24th
  • Dave showed the meeting the neighbourhood area map and discussed plans for production of local produce and parties who are interested.
  • Finally it was shared that Bickershaw has received £119K from the Lancashire Wildlife fund.

As the Economic Development has been discussed in detail at this meeting then it was proposed that Housing and Planning will be discussed in depth at April’s meeting.


Next meeting 10th April 2017 7.00 pm

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