Minutes from Strategic Group meeting – 13th June 2016

Minutes from Strategic Group meeting – 13th June 2016

26th June 2018 Minutes 2016 0

Present: David Baxter, Judith Smith, Tracey Williams, Jackie Lowe, Elizabeth Davies, Barry Hampson, David Moore, Dane Anderton, Marie Philpott, Vicky Hollingsworth, Andrew Crompton, Allison Taberner, Ricky Parkinson, Andrew Meadows, Lynn Kay


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  • Ricky Parkinson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • Ricky introduced Dane Anderton as the new Chairperson. Ricky has been acting as Interim Chair since February 2016.


  1. Chair Opening Remarks
  • Dane introduced himself to the group and stated that he was approached by David Baxter to help steer the forward strategy for developing the Neighbourhood Plan.


  1. Back to Basics – Understanding Neighbourhood Planning
  • Dane gave a brief background to Neighbourhood Planning and remaindered the group that this was not a Forum for looking for funding, nor was it to be seen as a resident’s forum.
  • Dane discussed links to the Wigan Council Local Plan and how this fits in with our Neighbourhood Plan
  • David and Barry provided a brief update on their meeting with Nick Clarke and Jennie Carubia from Wigan Council on 25th Wigan Council have asked for 6- 8 week updates on the Neighbourhood Plan.


  1. Lynn Kay (Wigan Council) – Utilising Community Assets
  • Lynn Kay from Wigan Council was introduced to the group. Lynn deals with Community Asset Transfer’s within the Council.
  • Lynn gave a background to Community Asset Transfers and the process that relates to this.
  • The group asked Lynn for updates on a number of existing Community Assets such as Abram Community Centre, Abram Community Garden and the former Tramlines centre on Templeton Road in Platt Bridge. Action Point:  Lynn to enquire and send through updates to David




  1. ACT Objective 3: Mind Mapping
  • Dane discussed how the group would look towards discussing an ACT Objective per month. For this meeting, the discussion would be around Objective 3: Community Assets.
  • Dane asked everyone to divide into 5 groups, one for each village.
  • Each group was asked to map out the Assets they knew to be in that village, including Community Centres, Open Spaces, Churches and Schools. Once mapped onto Flipchart paper, each group fed back to Dane.  The group then mapped out which buildings were unlikely to change (eg. Schools, Churches) and which could be mapped as potential change of use / ownership in the future.
  • The group then agreed to put these onto a Map. Action Point: Tracey to send map through to David.
  • Andrew Crompton discussed the mapping project he is currently working on, mapping out the Walk / Cycle routes across Abram Ward. Action Point: Andrew to complete the map and bring to the next meeting.


  1. Communications Strategy / Surveys / Marketing
  • David discussed the need to develop a new Survey. The previous survey was designed to look at potential working groups, with only a small box asking for people to state ‘what’s on their mind’.
  • David and Dane had looked at the example that Standish Voice had produced.
  • Dane has produced a new survey and will discuss further at the next meeting.


  1. Date of Next Meeting and Objective for Discussion


  • Monday 4th July at 6.30pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone.
  • Objective to discuss will be Objective 1 – Connectivity

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