Strategic Group – Agenda Monday 12th February 2018

Strategic Group – Agenda Monday 12th February 2018

26th June 2018 Minutes 2018 0

Present: David Baxter, Gen Smith, Sarah Spanton, Ricky Parkinson, Pete Smith, Dane Anderton, Andrew Crompton, Andy Spencer, Jackie Lowe, Lisa Davies, Sarah Halliwell

  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks / update from Council meeting – 10 mins


The last council meeting was not very useful due to the stage in which the plan is at. The meetings will be moved to by-monthly meetings as of March.


  1. Discussion on drafting the Spatial Portrait – 40 mins

Members where engaged in a workshop around the spatial portrait.

On flip chart paper were a number of key features of the Abram Ward. Members where asked to start filling in more detail about these features such as houses, bus routes, pathways and open spaces.


A draft spatial portrait was also presented but this was not complete. Sarah Spanton advised the group the portrait would take a bit longer due to other commitments with AWCC but this time would not be lost from our contracted time. The completed spatial portrait will be sent via email.


Comments where also invited on the current portrait.

  • Include any trends in data
  • Look more carefully at economic data – is ward getting worse or better over last 10 years – what does this mean for the next?


  1. AWCC’s Empowering Places programme update – Community Economic Development – 10 mins

David Baxter updated memebrs on the Power to Change initiative that is in operation in Abram Ward. He emphasised the needs for the NP to work and help fulfil the Power to change remit. Further details can be gained from contacting David Baxter at AWCC.


It was also mentioned that Sport UK have been in touch with the prospect of having cycle pods in the ward.


  1. Feedback on ACT website – 10 mins

The website has been updated but we still need more pictures of the ward. The minutes will also be uploaded and along with a new email address for planning applications.


  1. Forum member actions – 10 mins


  • Write letter to council planners to officially change name of the group from Abram Ward Neighbourhood Forum to Abram Ward Communities Together Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Check and update minutes
  • Produce an agenda for council meetings.



  • Send any pictures for the plan to the Abram Ward Plan email.


  1. AOB – 10 mins



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