Strategic Group – Minutes and Actions Monday 14th August 2017

Strategic Group – Minutes and Actions Monday 14th August 2017

26th June 2018 Minutes 2017 0
  1. Attended – David Baxter, Peter Smith, Andrew Crompton, Eunice Smethurst, Liz Ramsden, Ricky Parkinson,

Barry Hampson, Ste Hurst, Andrew (with Ste Hurst), Judith Smith


  1. Chair Opening Remarks

I updated everyone on the last council meeting explained that it was positive, went through all the council minutes.


  1. Open Spaces presentation updates

Andrew Crompton presented the Health and Wellbeing group, he had received the Open spaces report that he worked with Sarah, and although positive and a great report he did mention that the meter age and borders on the map were not accurate and some more work was needed. Eunice Smethurst did however, volunteer to help Andrew work on him with it.

I did ask if there was anything ask for at our council meetings for assistance with and he did mention that support from Elizabeth Parry would greatly assist him – (action point for council meeting).

Andrew also went through the 2017 Health Report that I sent through to him, and said that in general the North West Health is not good, and the importance of green gyms and getting active within our area is very important part or the plan, and we are not just talking physical health he highlighted the point of mental health too, with contemplation areas as well as growing areas.

In general the Health and Wellbeing presentation went well and we were all on the same page as Andrew.


  1. Consultation Updates / Strategy

Updated everyone on the consultation ideas, and although positive people felt should perhaps look at an Events, Marketing and Promotions company that specialises in Neighbourhood Plan consultation, we can add this to the funding application within the quotes. Action – David Baxter to contact a company he knows for quotes.

Also it was agreed that we will also carry on with our consulting strategy and contact the schools in September with a view to get more consultation via a survey and the promo posters / leaflets.


  1. Funding Application

Explained the progress of the application, that it is nearly complete, we just need to get quotes for services, support, website, promo posters, printing etc… I’m (Gen) going to work with David Baxter on this Friday 18th August.


  1. Date of Next Meeting AND Next Steps

Next meeting 11th September at 7.00pm.





ES – To help AC with the Open Spaces report issue of Meter age and borders.


DB – To send an email to Sarah to ask her consultant fees, in respect of continuing her work on the Open Spaces report, if we get funding.


DB – To contact the Events, Promotions,  and Branding Company for Neighbourhood Plan consultancy to get their fees, again dependant on funding.


DB – To contact an expert regarding a new Website for the Neighbourhood Plan, to ask for costs, this is dependent on funding.


GS – To meet DS on Friday 18th September, to complete funding application.


PS – To complete a policy mapping spreadsheet, to map policies with consultation.


GS/DB- To arrange meetings with the local schools in September, with a view to get consultation surveys out.


GS – To get 400 consultation leaflets delivered in Bamfurlong – In progress.


GS – To send poster / leaflet template to Ste Hurst to help with Abram Consultation – Done.


GS – To send out the Open spaces report via email to the group – Done.

Actions for Discussion at next Council Meeting.

Meter age and Path boarders, Andrew Crompton would like some assistance from Elizabeth Parry – lets ask to see if we can secure that assistance.


Consultation expectations for evidence, is there a figure we need to obtain, if any?


The cladding issue on tower block flats, that is currently a problem around the UK, is there any issues like this in the Wigan Borough? If so, will this affect the 106 housing funds?


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