Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 10th April 2017

Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 10th April 2017

26th June 2018 Minutes 2017 0

Present: David Baxter, Dane Anderton, Andrew Crompton, Ricky Parkinson, Cllr Martyn Smethurst, Cllr Eunice Smethurst, Tracey Williams, Kathy Bibby, Gen Smith, Pete Smith, Jackie Lowe, Dale Walford, Mark Halliwell


  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks (5 mins)


Thanked everyone for attending.

Council meeting update was given – council planners like that we have not clarified out objectives down to three and are pleased with our progress. They offer help when we needed it. Housing lead has been taking up this offer!


  1. Update from Genette Smith – Housing Objective (40 mins)

Housing Lead gave a full report of her research so far and outlined key points for discussion:

  • Houses vs apartment ration is 90%/10% respectively – group asked if this was what Abram Ward NP should be? Can e changed this? Discussion agreed change to 70/30
  • Derelict housing issue in the ward – council do not have an up to date report on this. Discussions about what we should do. This was taken back to council for detailed assessment.
  • 549 ‘homes’ in total allocated to the ward. What should these be? What does the research say and what does the consultation with residents say? This information has been factored into the draft plan.
  • Authorised traveller sites – 18 planned in Wigan. Abram ward already has enough. Group do not want more.


Points to be taken forward and actioned:

  • Define a ‘home’
  • Change the ration of houses to apartments
  • Look at Wigan core strategy on housing


  1. Sub Group updates                    (30 mins)

Other groups gave a quick overview of their work so far. More time was given to the previous point to enable deeper discussion.

Future meetings will allow a more comprehensive overview of the other sub groups research.


  1. Consultation / Communication strategy                  (20 mins)

The group again looked at the survey engagement and also reviewed consultation since the last meeting.

More surveys had been completed and engagement was going up.

Key actions:

  • Update website information
  • Planned stall at Gala days (24th June, 8th July)
  • Deal day in June


  1. Next Steps

There is to be an update meeting with the council to address the point raised in the housing research.

Next meeting to give more time to another sub group.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

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