Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 10th July 2017

Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 10th July 2017

26th June 2018 Minutes 2017 0

Present: David Baxter, Dane Anderton, Ricky Parkinson, Judith Smith, Stephen Hyde, Andy Spencer, Marie Robinson, Mark Halliwell, Pete Smith, Gen Smith, Liz Ramsden, Andrew Crompton


  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks (5 mins)

The last council meeting was informative with some good advice and support given. The group where asked to think about the next 15 years and consider what we have now, what we want and what could 2032 look like.


  1. Update from consultation events held in

Bickershaw, Bamfulong and Platt Bridge                  (30 mins)

The consultation boards where presented and discussed at the meeting form all three events. This information was then collated and taken by the Vice Chair to input into a spreadsheet. This is available on request and has been placed into the draft plan to inform various sections.

  1. Sub Group updates / Sarah Spanton

work                                                                             (30 mins)

Sub groups gave a brief report and any major shifts or changes in their work.

A full report by Sarah Spanton was brought forward outlining in more detail the open spaces and environment within the ward. This work will inform how our polices are written for the open spaces and wellbeing objective.

Open spaces lead will take the report and generate ideas for policies based on the evidence in this report.

  1. Funding application                    (15 mins)

David Baxter gave an update on a funding bid being put in on behalf of the group to help with our consultation and evidence base. The application has been submitted and we await news of the result.


  1. Next Steps (10 mins)

The next council meeting is at 18th July.

Chair and vice chair to attend.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

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