Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 12th June 2017

Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 12th June 2017

26th June 2018 Minutes 2017 0
  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks (5 mins)


Chair was absent at the last meeting and had no report to give at this meeting other than to thank members for attending tonight.


  1. Update from Andrew Crompton – Environment

and Open Spaces                                                        (40 mins)

Report was presented on the condition and number of open spaces we have in the ward as well as recreational spaces.

An overview of lifestyles and some statistics around health were also given to support the need for further use and upgrading of our open spaces.

Issues around public rights of way came up and it was noted where there are unclear spaces.

Big push for pathway and potential cycle ways to be cleared and made a priority in the plan.

A greenheart centre was raised as a future aspiration for the ward.

In terms of wellbeing mental health featured heavily in the report. It was important to links the use and protection of open spaces to the community groups in the ward and also economic development. This was noted by the economic development lead.


Further work needed to be done on tying the two together and also considering housing in this.


  1. Sub Group updates                    (20 mins)

The other two sub groups have reported in full in the last two meetings. Only the housing lead gave an update on the meeting with the council planning officers on derelict proprieties. This is under consideration by the planning officers and data is being sought.

  1. Consultation / Communication strategy                  (15 mins)

The chair noted that the group must produce a consultation statement for the plan. This will be done towards the end of the plan but notes have been kept on the activities and progress to raise awareness of the NP.


  1. Next Steps (10 mins)

The next meeting will report on consultation events and the work commissioned by Sarah Spanton on open spaces.

  1. Date of Next Meeting


10th July at 7pm.


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