Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 9th January 2017

Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 9th January 2017

26th June 2018 Minutes 2017 0
  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks (5 mins)

After a meeting with the council a full verbal report was given on progress and updates by the chair. The floor was open for questions to the chair on his report.


  1. Surveys results                              (30 mins)

David Baxter gave an overview of the current progress on our survey consultation. There had been a slow uptake but we have serval events planned in the year to encourage more people to get involved. The key results where distributed in the meeting and have been placed in the draft plan document which is available on request.


  1. ACT Objectives – Next Steps and Vision          (55 mins)

The current vision for Abram Ward NP was outlined. The outcome of the council meeting was that this vision needed to be refined. The group had a discussion about what could be included in the vision and also linking this to the survey results.


The chair then passed around the NP roadmap to show members where we are up to and what needs to be done next.


Action to be done next:

  • Clarify our objectives and set objective leads
  • Clarify the introduction to the plan
  • Start researching for the main objectives


  1. Date of Next Meeting and Objective for Discussion


David Baxter will notify members when the next meeting is via email.


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