Vision and Objectives


Second draft Vision and Objectives (June 2019)

3. Vision and objectives

3.1 Introduction

As a Neighbourhood Forum we aim to work together to make the ward an even better place to live for jobs, amenities and services, health and wellbeing and community spirit. We want to encourage the five villages to collaborate to make a positive difference to the ward overall. We acknowledge the distinguishing characteristics and historic roots of each of the five villages and want to build on and enhance these, as part of our offer and approach to attracting new residents. We aim for Abram Ward to be a vibrant, creative, inclusive, healthy and safe neighbourhood, which supports a strong sense of community, and is a pleasant and attractive place to live, work, shop and spend leisure time.

3.2 Abram Communities Together Neighbourhood Plan vision

For our neighbourhood to be a great place
to live and work, with the environment
at its heart – making it attractive, resilient,
ambitious, thriving and sustainable

3.3 Objectives

To deliver our vision we have set out three key objectives to help deliver the vision:

3.3.1 To enhance and protect our internationally significant landscapes and green spaces

Abram Ward is home to some beautiful, biodiverse habitats and countryside which need ongoing protection and enhancement. We want local people in Abram Ward, across the Wigan Borough and regionally to be able to appreciate and enjoy these internationally significant landscapes, green and open spaces more, through improved access and better connectivity between the five villages.
Upgraded access to these green spaces will provide learning and healthy outdoor leisure
opportunities. We aim to support community and local businesses to find the productive potential of some of these green spaces.

3.3.2 To retain and increase community facilities, create local employment opportunities, including community business development and encouraging local and regional tourism

We aim for Abram Ward to be an ambitious, innovative and prosperous neighbourhood, where
current and new residents can access enhanced community facilities and find fulfilling and varied employment opportunities. We are keen to attract new residents, businesses and visitors into the area. We actively support the development of new local and community businesses, along with the provision of appropriate premises and work-places in our neighbourhood. We aim to encourage local and regional tourism, and ‘green’ business opportunities which will make the most of our landscapes and green spaces.

3.3.3 To provide affordable, energy efficient, high-quality homes for our communities of all ages

We aim for our neighbourhood to be socially inclusive and to provide homes for families, couples and single people of all ages and back grounds, these homes will include small and large properties: apartments, houses and bungalows. We also aim for homes in Abram Ward to have a mix of tenures, from social housing, affordable rented homes, affordable homes to buy as well as larger homes to rent or buy. It is essential that new homes are built to high-quality standards with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency at the forefront.