Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 15th January 2018

Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 15th January 2018

26th June 2018 Minutes 2018 0

Present: David Baxter, Dane Anderton, Cllr Eunice Smethurst, Sarah Spanton, Sarah Halliwell, Andrew Crompton, Liz Ramsden, Barry Hampson, Ricky Parkinson, Stephen Hyde, Jackie Lowe


  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks


Over the last 2 months we have had Sarah Spanton of Waymaking come onboard as a consultant. We have been addressing the front end spatial portrait and vision of the NP and hope this session workshop produces further policy input.


  1. Policy workshop activity – 1 hour


Sarah set out an activity for members to get involved with. The session took the three objectives and noted key evidence on the flip chart paper. Members where asked to think about what they would like to see as a policy using the evidence on the sheet and also the consultation notes.


The data was taken away by Sarah to be analysed and inputted into the draft plan.


  1. Vision and objectives text discussion – 10 mins

At the last council meeting the vision was clarified as previous versions had been too long.

A short discussion took place around key words for the vision.


  1. Introduction and Spatial Portrait text discussion – 10 mins


A draft spatial portrait was presented to members. Members discussed this and notes where made on portrait for inclusion.


  1. Forum member actions – 5 mins


  • Sarah to send vision to members for comment
  • Members to send any comments on updated vision to Sarah before end of January.
  • Spatial portrait to be completed by February meeting


  1. AOB – 5 mins


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