Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 11th September 2017

Strategic Group – Minutes Monday 11th September 2017

26th June 2018 Minutes 2017 0
  1. Welcome and Apologies


  1. Chair Opening Remarks (5 mins)


At the last council meeting a green heart centre was at the centre of discussion. From this a meeting has been set up with the Greeheart lead in the council. This will take place in a few week’s time.


  1. Update from Wigan Council meeting                    (5 mins)

As above.


  1. Project Plan schedule / timescales (10 mins)


A review of the road map towards referendum was given to members. At this stage we had made good process to bring the group further along the path to completion. The evidence base for two of three objectives is around 90% complete with only economic development evidence outstanding.

It has been planned that we bring on-board a consultant to help draw the evidence base together and help plan policies from out November meeting.

There is also a workshop being planned via the council on policy writing and next steps to completing the plan. This will involve all NP in the wigan area.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan – The Plan so far                    (10 mins)

The draft version of the plan (mostly evidence and some initial policies) was presented to the meeting for overview.

Key notes:

  • Revised structure
  • Structure of the sections to remain the same
  • Document not online via google drive for the objective leads to edit.


  1. Neighbourhood Plan Objectives – Workshops (60 mins)

A workshop was put together to look at the draft plan and for members to discuss its content. From this the group have highlighted any errors and also put forward suggestions to the chair for further information.

  1. Date of Next Meeting and Next Steps

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