Monday 14th March 2016 at Platt Bridge Community Zone

Monday 14th March 2016 at Platt Bridge Community Zone

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David Baxter, Tracey Williams, Ricky Parkinson, Carl Bridden, John Ball, Alan Houghton (AECOM), Dale Walford, Marie Philpott, Carole Anderton, Dane Anderton, Cllr Eunice Smethurst, Cllr Carl Sweeney, Andrew Crompton, Barry Hampson, Jackie Lowe, Denise McCarthy, Craig Renilson , Sarah Owen, Michael McCurdy , Mark Halliwell, Judith Smith, PCSO Carl Davies, Marie Calderbank, PC Andy Parkinson, Paul Clarke (Standish Voice), Tim Mooney, Lisa Davies, Nick Clarke (Wigan Council)


Agenda Items

1 – Introductions

  • Ricky Parkinson, Chair of the Forum, welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • Ricky stated that the Agenda for the meeting would be different for this meeting, with the focus being on AECOM and Wigan Council discussing their views on the next steps for ACT developing a Neighbourhood Plan


2- AECOM report

  • Alan Houghton presented his report. There was concern that there was not significant development in Abram Ward, or evidence of community support for the project.


3 – Wigan Council update

  • Nick Clarke discussed the aims of a Neighbourhood Plan so that the Forum were aware of the details required, the time and dedication required from community members to develop a Neighbourhood Plan


The meeting was concluded at 9.00pm with members of the Forum asking questions to AECOM / Wigan Council.

The Forum members felt there was a need for a Neighbourhood Plan and it was suggested that each Village residents group discuss Neighbourhood Development isues, from Transport, Housing to Flooding, at their meetings.

Paul from Standish Voice attended to feed back on the progress made by their group.


Date of next meeting:  11th April 2016 at 6.30pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone


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