Monday 11th April at Platt Bridge Community Zone

Monday 11th April at Platt Bridge Community Zone

26th June 2018 Minutes 2016 0


David Baxter, Tracey Williams, Ricky Parkinson, Carole Anderton, Dane Anderton, Cllr Eunice Smethurst, Jackie Lowe, Sarah Owen, Cllr Carl Sweeney, PCSO Carl Davies, Lisa Davies


Agenda Items

1 – Introductions

  • Ricky Parkinson, Chair of the Forum, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2- Future Meetings – Structure / Village Residents Groups

  • The structure of future meetings was discussed, with the need to develop these into strategic meetings. It was suggested to utilise the existing Tenants and Residents groups in each Village as Working groups, and gather 2 or 3 representatives from each group to the monthly Strategic meeting.  This would then allow residents to attend their local forum and have a greater opportunity to have their say.
  • The group agreed to this structure
  • David asked for each Tenants group to forward a list of their own Residents meetings so that these can be put up onto the Internet.
  • David to email the Chairperson for each of the residents group to update on this decision.


3 – Communications Strategy / Website

  • David discussed the Z cards and Roller Banners that were now printed. Ricky asked ‘Oyster card’ wallets could be purchased with contact details on them.  Tracey to obtain a quote for these.  It was also suggested that these could be added to a Better Neighbourhoods Funding bid, allowing Wigan and Leigh Homes to have their logo on them
  • Jackie discussed that one of their staff is currently developing an Online Calendar.

4 – Consultation Sessions

  • The suggestion was made for each of the 5 Tenants and Residents groups to be given £200 in return for 200 surveys completed. ACT has already received £1000 towards Consultation sessions and it was felt this would be a better way to gather feedback.
  • The Strategic group will then compile a list of Community events across the Ward and ensure a representative attends these to promote the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Dates already suggested were; Platt Bridge Gala Day on Saturday 2nd July, Community Day event in Wigan Town Centre on the 9th July, and an event in Bamfurlong on the 25th


5 – Any Other Business

  • The group discussed the options for the premises on Templeton Road in Platt Bridge. The building was formerly a Youth building before being owned by Wigan Council.  The building is now up for Auction, but the group felt this could be utilised by the community.  Cllr Sweeney will contact Wigan Council to discuss further opportunities for the premises and whether it could be available on Community Asset Transfer.
  • David discussed the Operational Plan that Abram Ward Community Cooperative have developed for a VCSE network in Abram Ward, to support Social Enterprises and Community Groups.
  • David asked for a list of Community Groups across Abram Ward and if details of funding being bought into Abram Ward could be gathered. Examples include funding that Spring View Cricket Club has received.
  • David discussed the suggestion made by Andrew Crompton from Abram Wildlife group, in relation to highlighting the Cycle / Walk routes across Abram Ward. This could then be linked into a project for local people and children to explore the history of the area, with QR codes linked to each landmark nearby.


Date of next meeting:  9th May 2016 at 6.30pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone

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