Minutes from Strategic Group meeting – 4TH July 2016

Minutes from Strategic Group meeting – 4TH July 2016

26th June 2018 Minutes 2016 0

Present: David Baxter, Tracey Williams, Barry Hampson, David Moore, Dane Anderton, Vicky Hollingworth, Andrew Crompton, Ricky Parkinson, Andrew Parkinson, Beth Hughes


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  • Dane welcomed everyone to the meeting and attendees were introduced to Beth Hughes, part of the Platt Bridge Start Well Hub.


  1. Chair Opening Remarks
  • Dane updated the group on the structure of today’s meeting.



  1. Abram Ward Community Cooperative – Brief Update on its Role
  • David gave a background to Abram Ward Community Cooperative, and how it brings together Social Enterprises and Community groups to tackle the issues that are addressed by the community.
  • AWCC are to develop a Partnership funding network group, that will bring together key Social Enterprise partners who will work on funding opportunities to tackle the issues within the community, from Dementia, Youth activities, Health and Wellbeing, Digital skills shortage and Social Care


  1. ACT Objective 1: Mind Mapping (Connectivity)
  • Andrew showed links to walks arcoss Abram Ward via Ordanance Maps online. These walks ranged from Newbridge School to Pennington Flash, and from Three Sisters Recreational area through to Abram.
  • The group also discussed Transport and Road links. It was agreed that these could be mapped better once a discussion had been tackled around community Services at the next meeting.
  • The route near Ince St Marys was discussed and its footpath from Spring View.



  1. Communications Strategy / Surveys / Marketing
  • A discussion was held on the draft survey. It was felt that the number of questions needed to be reduced.
  • There were also discussions on how best to offer the survey, either via Electoral register, via an Online platform such as Survey Monkey, via one to day interviews, or via the need for a prize as an incentive for people to return forms.
  • It was agreed to update further at the next meeting.



  1. Date of Next Meeting and Objective for Discussion


  • Monday 8th August at 6.30pm at Platt Bridge Community Zone.
  • Objective to discuss will be Objective 2: Community Services

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